A Fellowship Of Love

When we drop from a flotsam life of much ado about nothing and are drowned in the overwhelming seas of Divine Love, a new alignment of relationships takes place. We share the universe with people of all shapes, colours, abilities, backgrounds who live continuously in this Deep Centre where there is always space for our true selves to lie down or leap up. This experience is denied to those whose work for God is still oriented around ego or is rooted only in social gregrariousness.

Every period of profound rediscovery of God results in this inter-knittedness. It is the holy matrix of the 'communion of saints.' In this fellowsip cultural differences are levelled. Each is at ease with the other -the scholar with the miner, the mamma with the celeb. People in this fellowship are related as are mountains that go down into the same earth. This is eternal life.

This blog is inspired by today's reading from 'Waymarks for the Journey'.

Posted at 01:16am on 16th October 2010
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