The Balfour Declaration

Monica converses in the garden at White House. It is a riot of colours. In her quiet times God has given her a thought about a key to peace in the Middle East. As I understand it, in 1917 the British Government, which with France ruled lands of Palestinians to whom they had promised independence, issued the Balfour Declaration which offered Jews a home in part of this land, but guaranteed Palestinian land rights. This led the way for the League of Nations to create the state of Israel.

Britain's colonial arrogance and thoughtlessness in making incompaible promises, remains a cause of the confusion, bitterness and mistrust which bedevils this area today - compounded by religious and racist misconstructions. Knowing that we commit to 'healing of the land', Monica explained how she believes many people should prepare to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017 by acts of repentance, friendship and peace-making. I told her of our pilgrimage to the Holy Land last year with its reconciliation agenda, and of our commitment to move the world from fragmentation towards wholeness. Perhaps petitions and courses, retreats and friendship pilgrimages can help to break mind-sets that are now entrenched.

Posted at 03:08am on 2nd July 2010
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