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Autobiography - Methodist Recorder Review


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Posted at 10:21am on 9th June 2021

The Celtic Way Of Mission:

 Leaders of the world-wide Forge church planting network invited Scott Brennan and myself to lead a global webinar on this subject. In my case I had my hand on my heart (see last week’s blog). This prompted some interesting questions:

Question 1: What is the celtic church?


Posted at 12:45pm on 3rd June 2021

What’s The Point Of A Heart Attack?

A few hours after I posted last week’s blog I was rushed to Cramlington Hospital with a heart attack. I was returned three days later with six medications and the promise of a stent if these don’t work.

 What’s the point of a heart attack? 

1)   ...

Posted at 08:56am on 27th May 2021

Be Worthy Of The Curse


A friend who dedicated his post-student life to work for a fear-free, prejudice free post-apartheid South Africa, but who was asked to leave by Afrikaner co-workers, has written this to me after reading about ‘misunderstandings’ in my autobiography, Monk in the Marketplace pages 93-99.



Posted at 17:33pm on 19th May 2021

The Ascension


Today is Ascension Day. Three quarters of the world’s population (Christians and Muslims) believe that on this day Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, watched by close friends.


This was a greater Detonator than a third world war. Jesus of Nazareth could only be known by a...

Posted at 08:28am on 13th May 2021

Questions At Book Launch

Some fascinating questions were asked at the launch of 'Monk in  the Marketplace and the Simpsons' attended by over sixty people.

Watch it on Youtube . If you have read my autobiography please send  in an Amazon review because it is then given a higher public profile.  If you would like to...

Posted at 09:34am on 30th April 2021

Three Invitations

This week you have three invitations:

1.You are invited to a book launch on zoom. To book please click:

Then click 'register'.

2. You are invited to buy a charity wood product.

During Covid, many of...

Posted at 12:28pm on 19th April 2021

Prince Philip

His family became refugees. His father became a philanderer. His mother became mentally ill. His sisters married men who became Nazis. No wonder this lack of emotional nurture prevented Prince Philip from being...

Posted at 07:42am on 15th April 2021

Easter Hope

Monk In the Marketplace and the Simpsons - the autobiography by Ray Simpson (DLT)

'This is the first book I have been able to read for twenty four years'. A Norwich busker.

''This is a book that needs to be read several times since there is so much distilled wisdom and careful...

Posted at 11:26am on 7th April 2021

Good Friday Devotion

          Fountain of goodness, form of true humility, you bent your holy neck

and let a cross be placed upon you. I thank you.

I bend the neck of my heart low and ask you to forgive me.


You who...

Posted at 09:32am on 2nd April 2021
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