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Ray's Blog

Europe's Wound And The Space Age

This week Angela Merkel spoke of 'Europe's wound' and UK's Parliament imploded over Brexit.

This week I read Stephen Hawkin's last book: Brief Answers to the Big Questions. He thinks we are now entering a new phase of human history; that either a nuclear confrontation or environmental catastrophe will cripple the...

Posted at 09:22am on 16th November 2018

The War To End All Wars: Will We Ever Learn?

The Northumberland (UK) members of The Community of Aidan and Hilda met overnight at Holy Island's Open Gate to renew their vows, share their life pilgrimage stories, and break bread together. Seven members joined with the three staff for a meaningful nineteen hours. One member, Maureen, is making many poppies...

Posted at 15:41pm on 4th November 2018

For All The Saints

The world's churches procaim 'we believe in the communion of saints' in their common creed. They believe that all Christians are called to be be saints, though some are more saintly than others.The Bible calls them 'the cloud of witnesses' (Hebrews 12:1). Celtic Christians knows them as 'the holy and...

Posted at 19:53pm on 1st November 2018








After six hours driving and two ferries I am on Saint Columba’s ‘Iona of my love.’ . ‘A thin place where only tissue paper separates the material from the spiritual’ said George McLeod. ‘That man is little to...

Posted at 16:30pm on 26th October 2018

Join Our Istanbul Pilgrimage


Aidan and Hilda Pilgrimage to  Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul

 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul has graciously offered an audience to Aidan and Hilda and ecumenical friends on Saturday December 15 at 15.00. A member from Denmark, Norway, UK and USA have already signed up. We would love it if you can join...

Posted at 08:05am on 19th October 2018

Churches That Are Eco-communities


Spain's Costa Blanca was beautiful except for mosquitos at night. My sister Sally and I rented an air B&B along the road from the Irish family of our nephew Peter. We celebrated the birthdays of mother Fiona and daughter Cara. Friends from the European Union School where she teaches and...

Posted at 09:22am on 12th October 2018

Lindisfarne Forth To Spain


On Saturday USA's Rev Sandi Kerner and I visited David Adam, who re-kindled in us his vision for Holy Island and for every thing and every where. I gave him a copy of my novel 'Aidan of Lindisfarne: Irish Flame Warms a New World'. He gave us a copy of...

Posted at 07:46am on 5th October 2018

Coming Together


I preach at Saint Hilda's Church, Lucker.

Our Deputy Guardian, David Cole, stays over night.  I was asked to write an appreciation of his excellent new book Celtic Advent. He leads an Open Gate Retrat on God in nature.

Brenda and I shift a large amount of office work before she holidays...

Posted at 17:23pm on 28th September 2018

Celebrations For Tweets, Web Site And Facebook


Tomorrow @praycelticdaily celebrates its three thousandth daily prayer tweet.  Does the phrase 'the ceaseless prayer of the heart' come to mind?

Daily emails on The Way for three years are now  waiting to be sent. Bruce Challenor, who pastes and sends them through Mailchimp shortly begins a tour to visit Aidan...

Posted at 09:13am on 21st September 2018

Parliament Reception For Palestinian Aid: A Ca&h House In Bethlehem?

On Wednesday I was a guest at a cross-party reception at Edinburgh's Parliament for Medical Aid for Palestinians. A doctor told us how large numbers of the injured in Gaza are still untreated, and how health services are at breaking point.  The health of so many is worsening that, if...

Posted at 10:12am on 14th September 2018
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