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November, November, The Month To Remember

This week our monk and Deputy Guardian David Cole  stayed overnight before leading a retreat at The Open Gate.  It was good to meet up on Holy Island on another day with Godfrey Butland and other old friends.

This week also I sent in the completed manuscript and a long publishers'...

Posted at 13:48pm on 15th November 2019

The Underdog

This week the town in which I live inducted its new mayor. This was followed by a church service. The mayor wants the theme of her year  in office to be The Underdog.

After she was inducted we sang a locally composed hymn. Here are two verses:

Northmen from the Humber to...

Posted at 13:00pm on 3rd November 2019

Celtic Christianty's Greatest Era Lies Ahead


Celtic Christianity’s Greatest Era Lies Ahead

 Dozens of excellent new titles have been added to our Celtic Christianity Library on Holy Island.  It is being more used than ever.  Our librarian, Judith Line, has completed cataloguing all the three thousand plus volumes. A new computer enables library users to...

Posted at 11:50am on 3rd November 2019

St. Cuthbert, Vikings, Brexit And Peace Tables

The recent Berwick Literary Festival etc included three brilliant talks.

1) In the first Katherine Tierman spoke about her new novel on St. Cuthbert.  She revealed a narrative that  the historian Bede was too embarassed to highlight. The monk Cuthbert, the humble servant of God, was the same age as the...

Posted at 08:10am on 25th October 2019

Brexit And Simplicity


The next few days may determine (keep your fingers crossed) whether UK will become Post-Brexit or No-Exit or continue in the throes of 'Don't Know Yet'.    Whether you are an internationalist or a localist, the CAH value of Simplicity is all-important.

Simplicity in our speaking and writing tells the...

Posted at 13:56pm on 18th October 2019

Extinction Rebellion

Community of Aidan and Hilda members world-wide commit to stand against all that would seek to violate or destroy creation and God's creatures and to care for nature and see it restored.  We must not cheapen the nature of this struggle to establish God's kingdom on earth.

Some members have recently...

Posted at 16:13pm on 9th October 2019

Final Words

A short illness prevented me from delivering my two papers at this year's UK Durham Summer School.  And the wrong versions  were sent for others to read!  The correct versions can be downloaded from this web site.   I was then  asked to conclude the school with a message.  I...

Posted at 15:56pm on 30th September 2019

A Prayer For South Africa

One of our much loved and heroic Aidan and Hilda community members from South Africa, Bishop Eric Pike, has issued this prayer for his country.  Why not use it and apply it to your situation?.
Father your Word tells us to:  ‘act justly, to love mercy and to...

Posted at 20:04pm on 27th September 2019

What The Queen Could Say

 The Jeremy Vine UK TV show noted the Queen’s displeasure that confidential conversation with former Prime Minister David Cameron had been made public, and it invited viewers to text in what they thought the Queen should say to Broken Brexit Britain. I suggest  this:


 ‘Remainers and Brexiters, Unionists and...

Posted at 17:19pm on 20th September 2019


The situation in my country is so unspeakable (don't talk about it) that a supper for veteran ministers resorted to the telling of jokes about golden oldie hymns from good Queen Victoria's era.  Try singing these for starters:

I’m on the pil(l), I’m on the pil(l), I’m on the pilgrim way...


Posted at 10:16am on 13th September 2019
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