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Easter Hope

Monk In the Marketplace and the Simpsons - the autobiography by Ray Simpson (DLT)

'This is the first book I have been able to read for twenty four years'. A Norwich busker.

''This is a book that needs to be read several times since there is so much distilled wisdom and careful...

Posted at 11:26am on 7th April 2021

Good Friday Devotion

          Fountain of goodness, form of true humility, you bent your holy neck

and let a cross be placed upon you. I thank you.

I bend the neck of my heart low and ask you to forgive me.


You who...

Posted at 09:32am on 2nd April 2021

Church Times Back Page Interview

Back page questions  - Ray Simpson

Founder of the Community of Aidan and Hilda

Six people, including Russ Parker and Michael...

Posted at 14:33pm on 31st March 2021

Holy Week And Holy People


On March 17 I sent this St. Patrick's Day prayer tweet

We arise today in the brightness of sun and the speed of lightning, in the strength of earth and the rhythm of tides, Divine hosts to encircle us and lead us on to a...

Posted at 08:25am on 27th March 2021

God's Voice Amid Covid

I have heard that during the first lock-down more people than ever searched on Google ‘Does God exist?’  Dear friends, God IS sending a message: It is because we have ruined the natural environment that viruses have had to...

Posted at 08:22am on 20th March 2021

Letter To The Queen

Following the Oprah Winfrey interview I wrote to the Queen and Prince William with an excerpt from a draft book on the evolution of Britain and Ireland:  Here is an extract:

'A fifth wave is to re-model the monarchy for the 21st century

Once the present beloved queen dies pressure will...

Posted at 10:44am on 10th March 2021

Buy The Book: Save The Rev!!

  As part of the capitalist publishing deal I have had to purchase 1,000 copies of my forthcoming autobiography. To recoup this I need to sell over 400 copies!! So I have emailed an advance order form giving my bank details. Most purchasers' banks are happy with my form. But...
Posted at 14:58pm on 6th March 2021

Open Gate Shuts

This message from the Community of Aidan and Hilda UK Caim Council and Trustees was posted on social media this week:

'As we explained in December 2020, like many organisations the income of the Community of Aidan and Hilda has been very seriously damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our...

Posted at 09:04am on 5th March 2021

A Devotion For The Season Of Lent

A blog reader asked me this week where in my writings he could find a poignant  Lament for Christ for use in the season of Lent. This Lament  is beautiful and touches the soul.  It is the entry for Ash Wednesday in  The Celtic Prayer Book Volume 1:...

Posted at 08:59am on 26th February 2021

A Lent Lament For Planet Earth

On Ash Wednesday I meditated on whether I am meant to have a leit motif for this Lent: e.g. reparation for violating the Trinity's image in our society.  

Then the Columban Ecological Institute sent this reflection by  Nellie Mc Laughlin:

'Deep within Earth’s sacred cradle of wisdom I sense rumblings:


Posted at 10:28am on 20th February 2021
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