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Foundations And Future




The opening theme was ‘They went by another way’. This refers to the three magi who returned from Bethlehem by another route, and to the Community of Aidan and Hilda and countless other...

Posted at 11:06am on 22nd January 2021

Kevin Mayhew R.i.p.

Kevin Mayhew, who died a few days ago, will be a loss to the world.  I owe him so much.

We met by chance. A mutual musician friend knocked on my door to introduce him while he gave him a tour of Lindisfarne. It was a liminal meeting.  The Community of...

Posted at 18:53pm on 19th January 2021

Locked In During Lock-down? Six Golden Keys

Lock-down in many lands is harvesting depression, abuse and negativity. I have invested in Netflix and during energy collapses have at last watched TV series such as When Calls the Heart, Poldark and The Crown.  Characters try to understand why another person acts in a certain way.  Often this...

Posted at 09:21am on 15th January 2021

Liturgies From Lindisfarne

Kevin Mayhew Publishers have re-issued Liturgies from Lindisfarne with a new front and back cover full of colour. The back cover states it is ‘a daily worship book for individuals, new monastic groups and churches. It reconnects the world with the seasons and the soil, the saints and the...

Posted at 08:29am on 8th January 2021

Healing Can Go Viral

USA members of The Community of Aidan and Hilda held a healing and meditation service on zoom on Saturday. Just as The Three Wise Ones spread Light to Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which we mark at Epiphany, so, I suggested in my meditation, may those who carry our...

Posted at 11:11am on 3rd January 2021

New Year Message

 The Covid pandemic is a wake up call. The raping of the planet has so shrunk its species that ever more viruses now leap into humans who are the last to die. The 2021 UN World Climate Change Summit in Glasgow is a last-chance call to humanity. As it...

Posted at 09:40am on 29th December 2020

Winter Solstice And The Christmas Sun

After dark on  the December 21 solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere) I climbed Berwick's highest rampart, lit a candle which pomptly blew out, and by torchlight said the Prayer for the Winter Solstice in volume 4 of The Celtic Prayer Book:

'The earth is not dead: it is sleeping. Its...

Posted at 16:02pm on 21st December 2020




Scripture likens certain regimes to a drunken whore, whose peoples are as intoxicated with her as with alcohol (Revelation 17:2). We call this populism. Under military regimes the only solution is to remain faithful to the Unseen King of Kings (Revelation 17:14) who will endure when tyrants...

Posted at 09:38am on 19th December 2020

Through The Year With Irish Saints

I was the guest speaker at Veritas Ireland's zoom launch of Through the Year with Irish Saints by Stella Durand, who is a member of the newly formed new monastic community Cairde Ananama (affiliated to the international Community of Aidan and Hilda). You can buy copies from www.veritasonline. Here...

Posted at 19:22pm on 10th December 2020

Creation Crisis Networks And Ecumenical Patriarchate

Last week we received a letter from the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul thanking me for my new book Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis: Twelve Keys for the Future of the Church (www.sacristypress)

Last week also I spoke by zoom  to the North Northumberland Spirituality Network about this book on the...

Posted at 08:01am on 3rd December 2020
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