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Thursday In Holy Week


In order for there to be good beginnings there have to be good departings. On his last full day on earth Jesus gives love. He gives it exquisitely. In his tiredness he washes the tired feet of faithful friends. In his generosity he gives bread to his betrayer. In...

Posted at 09:38am on 9th April 2020

Wednesday In Holy Week






Although Jesus gave and gave, he was human.  Humans, like the Three Loves in God’s heart, need to receive as well as to give nurture. So the fourth day in Jesus’ last week was...

Posted at 09:21am on 8th April 2020

Tuesday In Holy Week


In 1994, nineteen famous preachers were invited to contribute to a book entitled If I Had Only One Sermon to Preach. That concentrated their minds. Imminent death also concentrates the mind. Tuesday in Holy Week was the last whole day of teaching that Jesus gave. Each thing he said,...

Posted at 09:22am on 7th April 2020

Monday In Holy Week


An extract for Monday in Holy Week from my book Reflective Services for Lent:


On Monday Christ throws out the money-seeking money-changers from the temple:






In answer to the question, ‘What was it that made Jesus so angry?’, most scholars agree that it was not financial extortion, it was...

Posted at 09:35am on 6th April 2020

What Is God Saying Through This Pandemic?

 What is God saying to the world through the Corona pandemic? ‘Creation sings and its time to listen’ says Paul Gutteridge of Initiatives of Change. His friends and colleagues tell how they receive fresh insights as they garden, and others comment on how, now human frenetic activity is stilled, they...

Posted at 10:23am on 3rd April 2020

Covid 19

This week:

I went into total isolation (along with most of UK) except for one walk a day away from others as the covid 19 plague rages across the world I tweeted  ‘Come ...
Posted at 17:09pm on 27th March 2020

Self-isolation? The Privilege Of The Cave


This week:




I went into total isolation (along with most of UK) except for one walk a day away from others as the covid 19 plague rages across the world I tweeted  ‘Come ...
Posted at 08:50am on 24th March 2020

Corona Virus And The Way


Oh dear! Despite last week's blog we had in the end to postpone the Cornwall Lent Retreat until the Autumn. Travel was forbidden and I was required to self-isolate.

Penny Warren managed to lead our last Open Gate Retreat before cancellations begin.  I drove to Holy Island and we sat two...

Posted at 09:33am on 20th March 2020

When World Shuts Down I Travel Ten Hours For An Uprising Of Cornish Saints

France asks  no one over seventy to travel.  Italy stops church meetings.  Yet on Monday, at the age of eighty, I fulfil a three year obligation to lead three days of retreat in Cornwall, near Land's End, on Saints, Sites and Signposts for our Future. This requires ten hours on...

Posted at 18:03pm on 13th March 2020

A Marooned 80th Birthday Blessing


My 80th birthday is on Monday March 9th. But three things conspired against a celebration of the Big Day.

First, those who keep Lent won't celebrate on a normal day.  So I decided to celebrate it on the Eve of the 9th, which is a Sunday and therefore a Feast Day.


Posted at 12:48pm on 7th March 2020
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