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Statues To People Who Set Slaves Free

The global Black Lives matter demonstrations in UK have focussed on statues erected to British philanthropists who grew rich on the back of the slave trade.  The statue of one of these was thrown into the river at Bristol, and Oxford University has promised to remove its stautue of Cecil...

Posted at 20:55pm on 18th June 2020


The Trinity season started last Sunday.  Muslims can worship God as a Communion of Loves. What the Prophet Mohammed rejected was idolatry - the false brainwashed Christians he knew of seemed to worship three gods..

Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter only because the core of...

Posted at 08:17am on 12th June 2020

Black Lives Matter

     Black Lives Matter. This was the prayer tweet I sent this week: Ray Simpson   @praycelticdaily · Jun 2   Teach the world that Black is Beautiful - that's why the Spirit came to all peoples at Pentecost and formed a world-changing sisterhood and brotherhood. #Pentecost As a white person I recognise that the 'developed world' became rich...
Posted at 14:25pm on 1st June 2020

Royal Award For Outstanding Service


I learned today that Bruce Challoner's heroic efforts to re-format and paste  350 daily emails one by one on to mail chimp for the four year course on The Way have been completed. This alternate  weeks course explores in depth the Community of Aidan and Hilda Way of Life, ethos...

Posted at 11:56am on 29th May 2020

Thought For The Week


This week I wrote the Thought for the Week column for Berwick Advertiser.  Here it is:

Churches are zooming into new ways during the lock-down, with worship and ‘tea and cake’ on-line. One church emails its regular week-day worshippers with inspiring pieces by those who usually lead it. Donations to our...

Posted at 07:56am on 22nd May 2020

Book The Aidan And Hilda Week Retreat





 August 31 (St. Aidan’s Day)

10.30 GMT   Talk:  Aidan: Irish flame warms a new world.

Retreat exercises and journalling: Jesus is ‘the man for others’. How did Aidan model...

Posted at 19:59pm on 15th May 2020

Post-covid Society

Today is the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazi tyranny.  Out of the hardships of war came a determination to build a better world.  In Uk every child was given a free education and every person guaranteed free health care. The United Nations was established to create gloabl collaboration.  And...

Posted at 10:47am on 8th May 2020

What Is More Important Than A Thousand Activities?


I am asked to send reflections to the people who before Covid19 would attend a church service I was due to lead.  I began:  Thomas Homer-Dixon writes in The Globe and Mail: ‘Today’s emerging pandemic could help catalyse an urgently needed  tipping event in humanity’s collective moral values, priorities and...

Posted at 12:39pm on 1st May 2020

No Retreats? On-line Resources Emerge


On Tuesday we completed a four-week Zoom course on soul friendship for both a morning and evening group. It was led by Scott Brennan, Simon Reed and myself. Our final discussion was ‘What next?’  Two things were pointed out.


1) For a thousand years soul friendship has barely figured in...

Posted at 09:57am on 24th April 2020

Heaven's Flavours During Isolated Days

 Isolation can become one long, sterile yawn or it can become a glorious procession of heavenly flavours. During these weeks after Easter we can look with fresh 'resurrection eyes' upon familiar life.  Sally has been my sister for a life-time, but only yesterday did she tell me that for her...

Posted at 11:47am on 16th April 2020
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