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The Man Who Gave His Horse To A Beggar




Following in the footsteps of Aidan of Lindisfarne


the saint who walked to heaven


through Ireland, Scotland and the north of England.




JOHN CONNELL with the photographs of PHIL COPE


£25 published...

Posted at 09:55am on 27th February 2020

Rewilding Churches And Neighbourhoods

 Last week I recorded a You Tube interview by Scott Brennan on the App we shall shortly launch for millennials on The Way.


My attention was arrested this week by this tweet from a church planter: 'I struggle with the language of "planting", with its implication of something introduced from outside....

Posted at 09:11am on 21st February 2020

Monasteries For Green New Monastics?


The sixty four thousand dollar question is this:  Can some new monastics form residential monasteries which become hubs of villages of God?


Over 1500 of the 1800 hospitals in England in the 16th century were run by monasteries.  The establishment of a government run National Health Service in UK was a...

Posted at 08:16am on 14th February 2020

Musings Of An Ex Urban Monk

Simon and Natalie Jones and their little boy stayed at my Holy Island home, The Whitehouse, this week. It was good to renew contact.  While Simon has worked with charismatic evangelical congregations he has discovered a vocation to be a married monk. When he lived in greater London he wrote...

Posted at 16:01pm on 3rd February 2020

David Adam R.i.p.

This week I spent a morning on Holy Island with Rev. Linda Wards who had travelled all the way from New Zealand to visit Holy Island in the depths of winter when it is mostly closed down. She stayed at Robert and Jutta's garden annexe The Sanctuary. She had emailed...

Posted at 09:52am on 30th January 2020

Healing Wounded Communities

About fifty Voyagers (members of the Community of Aidan and Hilda in vows) gathered this week at King's Centre, Northampton UK.  Working sessions discussed reports from Guardians, Area Groups, Ministries and Trustees of the Community, and were followed up by a session on nine future pathways and by a day...

Posted at 14:17pm on 24th January 2020

God Comes To Benefits Street

Benefits Street was a popular British  documentary srries on Channel Four TV soap about people who lacked a job, accommodation, citizenship  or freedom from an addiction in the down-turn area of Winson Green, Birmingham. . Last week-end I walked down the Birmingham street on which this was modelled, right round...

Posted at 16:15pm on 17th January 2020

Lindisfarne And A Cloud Of Witnesses


Lars Knutsen, a Norwegian who worked in USA has recently returned to Britain. He writes how his visits to Lindisfarne were a formative time for him:

‘So Lindisfarne has always been special to me as one of those “thin” places where I was aware of the claims of God on my...

Posted at 18:26pm on 10th January 2020

New Year Message






From Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the international   Community of Aidan and Hilda  



The world financial crisis a decade ago produced a reaction against globalism. We lost good as well as bad achievements. We retreated into our bubbles, but these have bad as well as good aspects. Bubbles can...

Posted at 12:00pm on 29th December 2019

Celtic Prayers For The Season Of Light

Ray Simpson has given his lif         

Posted at 20:53pm on 20th December 2019
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