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Norwegian Vows On St. Cuthbert's Island

Frode Felbraten led a group of clergy and church members from the Lillesand Deanery in Norway to walk St. Cuthbert's Way and learn at The Open Gate more about the role of the Medvandrer (soul friend).  We accompanied Else to St. Cuthbert's Isle where I received her vows as a...

Posted at 08:17am on 5th July 2019

Do Not Cause Others To Stumble By Our Use Of Social Media


Luke's Gospel tells us (9:51-62) that many people wanted to follow Jesus and his call to live for God's kingdom, but because they had never examined their own unspoken priorities these hi-jacked them from remaining followers of The Way.

I am deeply saddened when someone in our world-wide community, who, before...

Posted at 16:24pm on 28th June 2019

Annual Gathering - The Next 25 Years

I joined seventy others at the Annual Gathering of The Community of Aidan and Hilda at Yarnfield Centre, Staffs., to celebrate our first twenty five years. Representatives from  Ireland, Norway, South Africa and USA joined us.   I  gave a power point presentation starting with my visit to Holy Island...

Posted at 08:16am on 21st June 2019

A New Fire Of London

 Last Thursday I accompanied 17 clergy from Kristiansand deanery on their coach and lectured, and celebrated Holy Communion  with their dean at St Aidan’s Bamburgh, facilitated by the  new vicar Louise.  Then they walked the island pilgrim posts and got to know the Open gate staff.

On Friday I met with...

Posted at 09:53am on 13th June 2019

The Way

 I have been unwell - hence there was no blog last week. 

Yesterday I accompanied 16 clergy from Kristiansand, Norway and we celebrated a Eucharist at St. Aidan's Church, Bamburgh, where Aidan died. Haken Borgenvik, the leader of our (Anamcara) community in Norway led the group.  Today they walked the Holy...

Posted at 15:51pm on 5th June 2019

A Pilgrim Guide


I have agreed to an unusual request: to be a pilgrim guide by email to someone who takes a three month sabbatical visiting pilgrim sites in UK and emails me questions. Here are four examples.

1)    My pilgrim starts at the tomb of England’s King Edward...

Posted at 20:34pm on 24th May 2019

Economics Of Good And Evil


Today I join Haddington Serious Book Club.  We explore Thomas Sedlacek’s Economics of Good and Evil with a foreword by Vaclav Havel. Sedlacek looks for a rationale of economics in some six texts through human history.

 The earliest known writing is The Epic of Gilgamesh. This narrative of humanity is...

Posted at 09:49am on 17th May 2019

Springfield Seminarians - A Breath Of Fresh Air



This week I am tutor in residence to students from the AOG Theological Seminary, Springfield, USA, led by Dr. Debbie Gill, who has outstanding gifts.  They are at The Open Gate on Holy Island.  I have to give eleven lectures on Ancient Celtic Christianity and current Neo-Monastic Movements.


Posted at 07:33am on 10th May 2019

Ideal, Ordeal, New Deal: Urban Changemakers And Cah

Ash Barker brought Urban Change-makers to The Open Gate, Holy Island, for a training week-end.  These guys, who are employed by local organisations,  are turning things round in some of Britain's toughest areas. Several had witnessed recent knife-crimes. Ash set up Urban Change-makers in order to give them support and...

Posted at 06:52am on 3rd May 2019

Anzac Day Healing Of Wounded Memories

I was heartened to receive this report from Heather Johnston in Queensland:

At the CA&H  conference at the Green House in 2013 which happened to coincide with Anzac Day we had a public service to remember the Frontier Wars.  This was a bit radical as it wasn't really even acceptable to...

Posted at 13:51pm on 24th April 2019
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