White House Visitors

Fourteen years ago the boy Chris Mitton and his two sisters joined the seven founders of The Community of Aidan and Hilda in making vows on Farne Isle, upon which I now look as I arise each morning. So it was a delight that his Dad, Michael and Chris were the first overnight guests in my new house. Chris is now an intern at St.George's Church, Leeds, with a two year ministry to students.

Bishop Eric Pike and Tony Thoms, his co-leader of twenty four pilgrims from South Africa, talked over coffee in the garden about the work of the Community in Africa. Eric is an Explorer, and they felt that there's much interest in a place like Cape Town. So watch this space.

Before they left Biker Bill Balfour had arrived on his way from Norfolk to the Scottish highlands. Bill and his wife Jan ran our Open Door centre at Bowthorpe, where I was minister, and we used to partner each other at squash. We reviewed lots of past friendships.

That same night a new Explorer came to tell me amazing stories of God at work in her life and in the depths of human distress.

Then there is Facebook. Two members have started a Community Facebook - and there are implications. Oh yes! So this morning, Naomi took me in hand in the office and inducted me in to Facebook. I only do it because I am vowed to obedience - honest.

Then tonight two Birmingham trainee Jesuits arrived for evening prayer in the church, having walked from York, and we will meet up at The Open Gate tomorrow morning.

Whatever next?

Posted at 12:34pm on 22nd June 2009
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