Three Sets Of Leaders

The Acts of the Apostles tells how Paul checked out the foundations of his work with one set of leaders - the original apostles in Jerusalem, and blazed fresh trails with a new set of leaders - prophets and apostles in Antioch. Brent and I spent the morning with staff at Melbourne's Scots Church. This well-endowed and prestigious building in the heart of the city could have stuck with 'the heritage niche'. But we spent a morning with David Currie, a former colleague of CA&H UK Soul Friends Dorothy and Peter Neilson, who has a mission role, with Christian, who pastors the Indonesian congregation, with Richard who works with the business community, with Maggie and David Lunihan, who are sponsored by the Turnbull Trust to teach and mentor for a season, as well as with Douglas, the presiding minister.

Next day I met Brent's colleagues at the Victoria Baptist Union headquarters. Kim Hammond was just back from UK where he works part-time for FORGE SCOTLAND with friends of ours such as CA&H Explorers Scott Brennan and Mark Michael. He works part time for BUV as Evangelism Catalyst. Brent is his equivalent as Community Development Catalyst.

One issue for leaders of large-scale Christian work is how to sustain a rhythm of input and output. So it was a delight to meet at Giorgios Restaurant with Mark Connor, leader of the 10,000 strong Pentecostal Church, and his wife Monica, a Director of Surrender, who are not driven and have fun. Mark thinks the secret is to have a macro church that is also a micro church. They have four campuses, each with smaller units. He had just flown back from Japan where, for the first time, he had met a younger generation of leaders of growing churches. Monica and I talked about ways to develop the contemplative life. Our mutual friends John and Olive Drane spent time with them last year and I hope to meet them again on Lindisfarne.

Next day was the official Melbourne launch of the new book. People outside Australia can now order this through ebay:

Posted at 21:27pm on 16th February 2015
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