The Time Has Come

The time has come for the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere (Spring Equinox in the southern), Friday 22 September. We leave behind the frantic pursuits of summer and embrace the season of slow ripening and rich storehousing of memories. We may tunnel deeper into the things of God, but we will rest in the deep peace of accomplishment - God's accomplishment in us, not ours.

The time has come for Aidan - his memory and his spirituality - to become the familiar friend of people in today's Northumberland. This Irish man who brought Christ's ways to the English from this area is less valued in his adopted homeland than in far places.

This week a new leader of churches in rural Northumberland came to talk about this. She would like books, leaflets and prayer aids from the Community of Aidan and Hilda to be available in churches and used in homes.

The time has come ... I spent a morning at The Open Gate, Holy Island, with students on the Igniting the Flame course on living a Way of Life. What a delight to meet up again with Debbie, whom I last met two years ago at a Celtic Spirituality Day at her church in Larnaca, Cyprus. She decided the time had come to do something about her longing for 'something more' - and so here she was. The theme of my tutorial was 'How to Live Simplicity in a world of digital and emotional overload'.

Now the time has come for me to depart for Glasgow. I'll tell you about this next week.

Posted at 01:05am on 22nd September 2017
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