Message To President Obama

Dear President,

Our international movement for change prays for you.

We commit ourselves to healing our torn-apart world. We refuse to demonise. We love Muslims, Christians and Jews - children of Abraham, children of God, and challenge all to listen to God and to one another for what is best for God's family.

We commit to live simply, that others may simply live, and to renounce the demon of Mammon. We urge all people to use the present economic grim reaping as a God-given opportunity to build a different, more sustainable basis for our common life.

We commit to cherish the earth, and pray that your plans to create many jobs that will save or increase renewable energy will go further, deeper and ever wider.

Our symbols are Flame and Struggle. May the flame of hope that you have kindled, spread across the globe.

We pledge ourselves wholeheartedly to the struggle that will be needed if these hopes are to be delivered.

Posted at 12:07pm on 25th January 2009
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