St Fursey Dog Stories

Julia (a CA&H Friend) acquired a caravan on a holiday site. She took her dog, named after Saint Fursey. Alas, she left Fursey in the caravan while she slipped out to the Sunday morning service at the nearby church.  With its glorious acoustics, her voice blended in a heavenly manner with the six others present. She stayed to chat. Fursey however, quite out of character,  barked at the top of his less melodious voice for a full two hours, and Julia returned to be accosted by a bevy of irate fellow caravan dwellers.  Julia felt awful. She asked God for advice. 'Go to every single caravan dweller, personally apologise, and promise it will never happen again' the clear thought came to her. The first one or two said things like 'Two hours is a long time'.  The third one said, 'Could I look after Fursey while you go to church'. On she went with her visitation. 'If your first dog sitter can't have Fursey, could I be her replacement?' offered another, now most friendly caravan neighbour.  On it went, becoming ever more possitive. At last one of those visited said 'Would you mind if I came to church with you?

Saint Fursey came from Ireland to spread Christ's ways among the pagan 7th century East Anglians.  What a legacy!  What power in  an apology.

P.S. Several people want to introduce their church to 'Fifty Shades of Prayer' following last week's blog.

Posted at 04:19am on 4th September 2012
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