Four Places In Ireland

A Golf Hotel, Blessington Lakes:

I meet Dr. Bernadette Flanaghan of NewmonasticismsIreland. She describes this as a scholarly network of people who want to find a vocation. She thinks the motivational force of Christian communities is shifting from projects to a new consciousness from which we may live. This is a time, she says, to nurture spiritual capacities. She urged me to re-read the chapter in the book ‘A Monastic Vision for the 21st Century’ about two alternative spiritualities for churches. She too, like the other people I have been networking with, wants to give attention to ‘spiritual tourism’. Her book ‘Embracing Solitude: Women and the New Monasticism’ is due shortly.

The Hostel, Glendalough:

Yes, this could be a venue for a summer gathering next year for students and people of all ages who embrace life-long learning. There would be a daily public lecture, and a daily meditation for retreatants. It is also a hiking, cycling and running centre. Each would have a chance to sit on the Deer Stone where the ewe gave milk which enabled Kevin to nurture his foster child. Here each can meditate on how to be life coaches who give the milk of God’s Word. I meditate in the monastic city. How about this as a theme: ‘The Ways of Saint Kevin: Simplicity. Listening to God, Growing in Stature?’ Let me know if you would like to be part of this.

The National Rebellion Centre, Enniscorthy.

Here Saint Senan started a community in the 6th century. Here the Irish uprisings for freedom are set in the context of the French and USA revolutions. I write in the Visitors; Book: ‘I have travelled far as an Englishman to learn, to weep and to ask forgiveness.’

Saint Findbarr’s Way.

I link up with Nephew Sam and his lovely family: Dara, Fionnula, Micah and mother Lesley. We walk part of Saint Finbarr’s Way before lunching at their home at Durrus, near Bantry Bay, County Cork.

Posted at 14:17pm on 15th August 2013
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