Footballer Turns Down Celebrity Tv

A footballer spent a week-end with us. A TV channel preparing one of those virtual reality series when different types of people are filmed day and night, inter-acting on an island or in a large house, had put him on a short list and asked him to a final interview. He told them he could not attend the interview because he would be visiting Holy Island. They offered him the place anyway, and pressed him to accept. The footballer is a Christian - he wanted viewers to see how a Christian is a real human being - not like some of the stereotypes that are promoted. He engaged in an inner struggle. He concluded that the TV people wanted to use (i.e. mis-use) him, and that God could find other ways of helping people like him to connect with the population. So he turned the TV offer down.

He told me this on the day that traditional Christian churches in the West name as Passion Sunday. The Gospel reading quotes Jesus as saying that unless a person allows their ego to 'die', like a seed that allows itself to be buried in the ground, it cannot sprout up later in the form of a spreading plant. I encouraged my friend to believe that many young people would discover something life-giving as an indirect result of his decision to 'die'.

Posted at 01:15am on 30th March 2009
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