Earthing & Flaming - New Year Message

Words from our USA Guardian Paul Martin (in the Lammas edition of USA Wild Goose magazine) spoke to me: 'I resonate with the Celtic Way at a deep level. It leads me into a much more holistic faith than I have known before. But I stumble to put it into words for American Christians.'

Why don't we all try to put our Way of Life into words for the people of our own culture? One way to go about this is to look for connecting points. For example, let us make common cause with people who seek:

Holistic Christianity

Ancient-Future Faith

Roots, Rhythm and Relationships

New monasticism

Indigenous styles of faith community

To make and live life as pilgrimage

To value spiritual companionship

Or ....

What would you add?

Let's face it, however, we may also have to be counter- cultural. As part of an ascetic and prophetic tradition, do we also have to 'kill' the twin idols of selfish individualism and consumerism?


Holy Island was isolated by snow. No one else came for Night Prayer. I stayed outside. Into my mind came what seemed a divine picture of low but widespread, grass-root fires, steadily spreading outwards. This is a message to all the children of Aidan and Hilda and to our children's children. It is about a revolution of ordinary people. Each of you has a flame in your heart. Let the flame grow brighter. Kindle other flames. Do not expect some important person to do this work. It is your work. That is our calling: 'Aidan' means 'Little Flame'.

As I journey away from the world of busyness further into the world of the spirit, I do not journey away from the flame. God has appointed seraphim to blaze continually before His face. God has appointed guardian angels to protect and kindle the divine flame in each of our hearts. Heaven will never let us down. Pass on the flame. Let a hundred thousand fires encircle this cold earth.

I arrive in Brisbane as the New Year dawns. Wherever you are, may Christ, the one who baptises with fire, be with you.

God Bless.

Ray Founding Guardian CA&H.

Posted at 00:40am on 28th December 2010
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