I Cannot Thank You Enough



At the Society of Authors Christmas Lunch in Edinburgh authors were invited to bring a Christmas-wrapped gift book. As people left they could take home one of these secret book gifts. I Christmas-wrapped my book Before We Say Goodbye published by HarperCollins. A few days later I received this note: 

 It was your book I selected by chance.  It took me two hours by bus to return and I opened the book as I journeyed south. Time flew by. When I returned home I told my wife I had a book for her. She has been engrossed in it ever since. It has reached her more than any other book as she prepares … (for a dear one’s death. I cannot thank you enough.’   

 The next day someone sent me a Christmas card she had purchased from Bethlehem Bible College. It tells how one of their students, Abu Ayman,had this conversation in response to his post on Facebook: 

Person A: God curse you, you magician crusader. It dishonors me to continue a conversation with a dirty Christian, my enemy, as all who convert to this religion are my enemies. 

 Abu Ayman: I am only your enemy from your point of view. You are my brother, and I love you. I pray to the Almighty that he may preserve and protect you, bless you and your family and protect you from the wicked… I ask that the Lord opens your heart.

Person A (a few days later): How come I curse and you ask for my blessing? 

 Abu Ayman: The Lord Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, and to pray for all who harm us. Beieving in Christianity means love with no hatred. 

 Person A: Is it possible to communicate every day so you can introduce me to some teachings?

 Abu Ayman: Gladly 

 The young man now follows Jesus.






Posted at 11:33am on 15th December 2017
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