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What an honour to host The Community of Aidan and Hilda's Scotland group at my house. Ruth Booth from the remote Shetland Isles joined twelve others. I spoke about the Community's role in the world's changing future. Commentators divide voters into Nowhere People or Somewhere People. Nowhere people are mobile world citizens with liberal values. Somewhere people, protect the identity of the place where they live and often feel left behind. I suggested that our Community is on both sides. We honour One God. All God's children are our brothers and sisters. One earth is our shared home. Yet we also have a sense of place, and a commitment to put ourselves in the shoes of those who live in it. That is the Aidan of Scotland element in our DNA.

Prior to our meeting, Scotland In Union referendum campaigners had given me their leaflet which states 'Stand by the people. Stand by the decision. Join the majority of Scotland.... Its time to end the uncertainty. Its time for a Scotland in Union'. Our Community includes people on both sides of this campaign, but we are all agreed that we must campaign in a way that brings healing, not fragmentation.

I also shared with the group the project I am working on - a life-long email guide to our way of life for people of all ages from all continents. The group urged me to entitle this 'An on-line Pilgrimage for Life'. In fact pilgrimage became the focus of our discussion time. Could the Community not host or join pilgrimages to all kinds of places, from Camino to Calcutta, from Worms to a desert?

Now I must train to our Cambridge group. I will congratulate the Cambridge women for winning their Boat Race, but I will remind the group that they are not rowers along a short stretch of river, but voyagers on an endless ocean of mercy.

Posted at 06:52am on 2nd April 2017
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