24/7 Hits New Hot Spot

The 24/7 prayer movement and our community share some common aspirations and sources of inspiration. Those who have made vows as Voyagers made a 24 hour prayer vigil during their annual retreat, held this year at Shallowford House, near Stoke-on-Trent. Personal prayer requests were posted on one wall, prophetic words and pictures on another. At the back we wrote personal reflections in a book. Before the altar one could lie prostrate, pray with an icon or light candles. In a side chapel we could gaze at a portrayal of Christ's face imprinted on Saint Veronica's cloth. Near to it Christ's eyes are closed in trustful abandon to the Father's will. Stand back and his open eyes pierce one's being. I lay down to sleep after my 1.00 am watch with his eyes still before me.

One striking prophetic picture was about digging wells, as Genesis 26 records Isaac did. For years those in the Celtic tradition have 'restored the ancient wells' of holy prayer and spirituality. Isaac also dug one new well. He named this Rehoboth. This Hebrew word can mean Broad Space, and much fruit was promised.  So I guess we all need to get out of the way, make more space for God, and see what God does and where - and one day savour the fruit.

Posted at 02:08am on 13th January 2012
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