2017: The Way Ahead

The world is like a big chess board. It seems like check mate. Cyber warfare, possible nuclear holocausts, ethnic and religious groupings claiming ownership of old nation states. Unelected multi-national companies leave home-spun economies stranded. But in 2016 the voters in UK, Europe and USA kicked the centres.

The kicks were not 'nice' but they came out of an instinct: the value of a place, of a community. Small is beautiful.

Kicking one another, however, leads only to further damage. What is needed is relationship: a way of life that grows at the grass-roots but connects with the 1% who wield the big levers.

This ideal seems to be beyond reach. But the rise of grass roots movements such as new monastic networks puts this within reach. Suppose each person can plug in to the Source who creates, sustains and weaves a divine tapestry out of diverse human threads?

The Way of Life of my own Community (The Community of Aidan and Hilda) seeks a transformation of the entire created world - the big picture. But it highlights the value of a place, a person, and the possibility of healing through 'little things done with great love'. This Way needs to become accessible to millions.

I am currently working night and day on a life-long coaching course in this Way of Life that will be accessible to diverse ethnic and age groups on five continents. I need your help in making this known, and in piloting material. With your help, 2017 could be a turning point. Contact me via www.raysimpson.org

Posted at 07:13am on 1st January 2017
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