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Soul Friendship in the Celtic Tradition

Ancient Insights for Today

This book published for the American market is a shorter version of  'Soul Friendship: Celtic Insights into Spiritual Mentoring', which can be found by clicking here.
“Soul friendship joins friends together
in a common dwelling that neither time nor space
nor death itself can separate.”
—Edward Sellner

The special friend who accompanies a person through life’s journey is more precious than gold. The early Christian Celts had a heartwarming name for this person: the Anamchara. (
Anam is the Gaelic word for soul; chara is the word for friend—“friend of the soul.”) This special friend was someone with whom a person could talk through practical matters, reveal hidden intimacies, and break through the barriers of convention and egotism to an eternal unity of soul.

Ray Simpson brings this ancient concept into the twenty-first century, drawing practical applications from the long history of soul friendship. He describes a spiritual bond that lasts beyond this life into eternity, for it flows directly from God, who is the pattern of all friendship, the center and source of all human relationships.
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