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Dance of Creation

Celtic Prayers of Celebration and Insight, Repentance and Restoration

Holy Spirit,
breathe upon the cosmos.
May it share in Christ’s resurrection
and grow with the birth pangs of his kingdom.
May we, even in the middle
of its groanings and agony,
be instruments of its healing
and breathe peace upon it this day.

In the prayers collected in this book, Ray Simpson asks us to “hear the cry of the earth and work together to ‘choose life’” (Deuteronomy 30:19). He reminds us that Divine life courses through Earth’s rivers, breathes through her winds, and sings in each life form she nourishes, and he invites us to celebrate Earth’s beauty as we learn from her deep wisdom. At the same time, with a prophet's clear voice, he calls to us to repent of our selfishness and ignorance, and commit ourselves to the Earth’s healing and restoration. "Come!" he says. "Celebrate! Learn! Repent! Take hands and work together! Join in Creation's dance with all your strength and soul!"

May every soul join with the song Nature sings.
May the birds sing,
may the trees clap,
and may we humans taste and dance.
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