Winter Solstice And The Christmas Sun

After dark on  the December 21 solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere) I climbed Berwick's highest rampart, lit a candle which pomptly blew out, and by torchlight said the Prayer for the Winter Solstice in volume 4 of The Celtic Prayer Book:

'The earth is not dead: it is sleeping. Its life draws in: it is keeping. The earth is gathering energy for a new burst of life. Shine through the deadening, heavy clod, gladdening Light of God's pure coming  glory. God's presence revealed in human form.' In the southern  hemisphere Christ is the True Sun at the culmination of the sun season.

Yet Christmas in my country is cancelled, according to government regulations. Now it seems  I am 70% more likely to catch the latest strain of the Covid virus so I must isolate until I have my second vaccine injection in mid-January.  But what is Christmas?

The idea that the ultimate Cosmic Force or Intelligence or whatever should be born as a baby in a tiny province  of a tyrant empire is such philosophical nonsense, it is so ridiculous, unbelievable, outrageous, non-sensical, an affront to religion and humanity... Just supposing it is true, however, it means that Pelagius was right.  A Second Adam (a restored humanity) is a greater truth than a First Adam (a flawed humanity). It is possible to grow up as an infant with its false ego always giving way to its true self. It is possible to flourish in the beauty of our divine origins. OK, only one of us has achieved this 100% - but all of us have our Human Race’s Union Representative –  the Second Adam in our DNA now.  Give it a go - gradual Christification is our possibility and our destiny.  



Posted at 16:02pm on 21st December 2020
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