What's Good In Woking?

What's good in Woking? I must admit its town planners need to study the principles of a Village of God and put soul into its centre, but I'll tell you four good things.

1) David Lloyd Leisure Club gave me an all day gym, swim and sauna for free and now ask me to tell you how wonderful it is. It is!

2) Christ Church has a cafe and street pastors; and the imam of Woking's mosque - the first in England to be built I think - joins them.

3) As I lingered by two homes and two schools of my childhood I invited Jesus to breath into my negative memories and give me snapshots of good things God was doing in my life. Transformation took place on the streets!

4) There's more. The new Saint Columba Centre celebrates Christian transformation that came to the ancient Celtic tribe in the area and that comes to haggard local tribes today.

Posted at 20:37pm on 15th June 2011
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