What About Saint Hilda Celebrations?

The celebration of St. Aidan materials used on August 31 have been much appreciated, and people have enquired about similar material on Saint Hilda.


Buy Great Celtic Christans (volume 4 of the Celtic Prayer Book). This has thirty one pages of prayers, stories, songs and liturgy on Saint Hilda.  

Two samples:


Leader     Worn by the cares of the day, All          We offer you our praise.

Leader     Buffeted by trials,  All          We will not cease to return thanks to you.

Reader     God of life, help us to trade with the gifts you have given us.

Bend our minds to holy learning that we may escape

the fretting moth of littleness of mind that would wear out our souls.

Brace our wills to actions

that they may not be the spoils of weak desires. Train our hearts and lips to song

which gives courage to the soul.

Being buffeted by trials, may we learn to laugh.

Being reproved, may we give thanks.

And having failed, may we determine to succeed.

Echoes A Homily of Hilda’, author unknown



All sing    

Blessed Hilda, holy mother,friend of Aidan, Christs own stalk. Born to honour, stripped of father – finding faith, baptised at York; shining as a radiant jewel,

lighting up our darkened walk. Taught of God by Wearside river, daring, learning, steeped in prayer; you became a guide to many – friend of folk from far and near; drawing out the cowherds talents, held by earth and heaven most dear. Faithful host and reconciler

staying true through shifting ties, thankful in success and trial always fair and always wise; meditator, motivator

wisdoms jewel, and heavens prize.

May be sung to the tune of ‘Blessed city, holy Salem’.






Posted at 12:17pm on 14th September 2023
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