Uk, Us, U-name It Governments Need The Cowshed Revolution

Globalised capitalism has been removed from the moral framework in which it began. The current crises are a warning signal.  They are a call to everyone - the haves and the have nots - to participate in 'The Cowshed Revolution'  which seeks to enlist billions of Downwardly Mobile people.

Downwardly Mobile people engage in:

1. A relational economy. Recognition that we are not isolated individals but people whose fulfilment lies in the quality of their individual and corporate relationships.Every economic activity has an effect on creation and peoples: actions should be judged by their good or bad effects.  

2. Growing roots in the basis of wisdom from which good civilisation has flowered.

3. Corporate and individual actions are accountable to natural (and divine) justice - honest dealings - in buying, selling, communicating.

4. Restorative justice.  If  people benefit by taking something that harms people or creation they restore the relationship that has been harmed by acts of service. 

5. Re-motivating businesses to invest at least 10 % of their income in their communities, and investing our own time in loving our neighbours.

6. Universal respect and human rights rooted in the fact that every person is made in the divine image.

7. Love of neighbour inspired by the life of Christ - born in a cowshed - who modelled human and divine 'Defenceless love'.


Buy THE COWSHED REVOLUTION -  a new society created by downwardly mobile ...

by Ray Simpson (Mayhew)





Posted at 17:08pm on 26th October 2022
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