40 Things To Do In Lent -and My New Book

My new book arrived today from Kevin Mayhew publishers. Its title is Reflective Services for Lent. There are fourteen complete services packed with suggestions for Ash Wednesday, each Sunday in Lent and each day of Holy Week –dialogues, Scriptures, prayers, visuals, activities, meditations, suggestions for hymns and music … AND  two free take-aways to hand out. One is a calendar of the last week in Jesus’ life. The other is a list of 40 things to do in Lent – one for each day. Here’s a selection:
1. Create a daily charity money container
2. Send a thank you note
3. Stop and listen
4. Say hello to someone for the first time
5. Give something away
6. Talk to, smile at or hug someone
7. Pick up a piece of litter
8. Buy Big Issue.
9. Set aside a screen-free day
10. Forgive someone
11. Buy local
12. Reduce your carbon print
13. Eat no junk food
14. Cross a social divide
15. Make ‘What would Jesus do?’ today’s mantra
16. Bless ten people, five houses and two shops.
17. Text or tweet ‘sorry’ to oppressed people
18. Carry someone’s heavy load
Finish the list yourself or buy the book!
Posted at 01:29am on 8th February 2013
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