The Golden Thread, The Silver Crucible And The Shining Place

'You must have leaned against something, you've got things all over your clothes' said a friend. I brushed these away and discovered a golden thread. 'Saint Gregory of Nyssa wrote about the Golden Thread' he said. I looked this up. I learned that everything in one's life might be falling into a chasm of fire - familiar landmarks, treasured possessions, dreams - everything I have held dear. What can stop me also falling into that chasm? One barely visible, slender thread of gold forms a bridge over the chasm. It is the thread of love. As I prepare to leave this island and so many other things I will, God being my helper, walk this thread of love.

The wonderful healing ladies at last week's retreat offered prophetic prayer over me knowing I was in painful transition. Terry likened me to the process whereby liquid is melted. The dross is floating to the top. What is left becomes pure silver, and it reflects the multi-colours of flowers and blossoms around it. The sequence, she says is:

The person is transfigured like silver.

The place begins to be transfigured.

A people begins to be transfigured.

Oyvind Borgso, the leader of our community in Denmark, came to stay. His DVD and book 'Listening to God' (published by St. Aidan Press) are about allowing God to marinate our bodies. Prayer, posture and awareness are closely linked. We visited the Inner Farne. We lingered in the memory of Saint Cuthbert who graced this island for nine years. We sat with our backs to the lighthouse where the first members of our community took their Voyager Vows some twenty years ago. As we sat in our garden after our return Oyvind said 'These trees are brighter. Everything is brighter. As we sat on Cuthbert's Farne Isle I became aware of the light in that place. The light now affects the way I see.'

P.S. Rosemary Power of the Iona Community came to lunch and updated us on their news, including the election of their new leader. May he know about gold, silver and light.

Posted at 06:29am on 3rd August 2016
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