The Complete List Of Sixty Books

A Way Of Life for the Third Millenium (Austin Macauley 2024)

Before We Say Goodbye: preparing for a good death (HarperCollins 2001)                                          

Celtic Blessings: Prayers for Everyday Life (Loyola Press hardback 1999; softback 2004)

    (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)

Celtic Book of Days (Anamchara Books 2022?)

Celtic Daily Light: a spiritual journey through the year (Hodder & Stoughton 1997)

   (first re-printed by Kevin Mayhew 2003)  

Celtic Hymn Book           full music  (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Celtic hymnbook Melody (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Celtic Journey CD (Kevin Mayhew 2004)

Celtic Prayer Book in four volumes (Kevin Mayhew – 2003 t0n 2005)

Vol 1: prayer rhythms – fourfold patterns for each day                                

Vol 2: saints of the Isles – a year of feasts             

Vol 3: healing the land – natural seasons, sacraments and special     services

Vol 4: Great Celtic Christians – alternative worship from the community of     Aidan and Hilda

Celtic Prayers for Life Today  (Kevin Mayhew 2006)

Celtic for the Rhythm of Each Day (Anamchara Books 2022)

Celtic Spirituality: Roots, Rhythm and Relationship (Grove 2003)                          

Celtic Worship Through the Year (Hodder & Stoughton hardback 1997; softback 1997)

Dance of Creation (Anamchara Books 2023)

Church of the Isles: a prophetic strategy for the emerging church in Britain and Ireland (Kevin Mayhew 2003)

The Desert and the City: a Lenten journey with Christ (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Emerging Down Under co-authored by Brent Lyons Lee (ATF 2008)

Exploring Celtic Spirituality: historic roots for our future (Hodder & Stoughton 1995)

Exploring Celtic Spirituality with study guide (Kevin Mayhew 2004)

                             Norwegian edition: keltiske Veimerker (Verbum 2008)

The Hidden Way (Anamcara Books 2023)

High Street Monastery – due in 2009 (Kevin Mayhew)

A Holy Island Prayer Book (Canterbury Press 2002)

A Holy Island Prayer Book (Morehouse   2002)

Give Yourself a Holy Island Retreat (St. Aidan Press 1998)

A Guide for Soul Friends: the art of the spiritual companion  (Kevin Mayhew 2008)                                             

How We Grew a  Local Ecumenical Project   (Grove 1984 – out of print) 

The Joy of Spiritual Fitness          (Zondervan 2002 - out of print)

Let Dreams Come True: An Advent Course (Kevin Mayhew 2005) 

The Orbit of God’s Love (Anamcara books 2023)

Paths of Justice (Anamchara Books 2023)

Prayer Rhythms for Busy People: a pocket companion (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Norwegian edition: Din Rytme Din Bonn: Keltiske bonner tra Lindisfarne (Verbum 2005)   

A Pilgrim Way: new Celtic monasticism for everyday people        (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Prayers for… (little hardback gift book series -Kevin Mayhew 2005)

… for creation

… for the journey

… for the world

… of blessing

… of calm

… of love and peace

… of sorrow and devotion

… with the risen ones.

Prepare the Way (Anamchara Books 2019)

A Seeker’s Guide to the Christian Church (Kevin Mayhew 2007)

Shalom! Celtic Prayers for Wholeness and Healing (Anamchara books 2024)

Should I do a Somersault in Church?: a cletic challenge to evangelicals an charismatics (Kevin Mayhew 2006)

Soul Friendship: celtic insights into spiritual mentoring (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)

  • Soul Friendship in the Celtic Tradition (Anamchara Books 2021)

The Transforming Church: a programme for vibrant  renewal series:  (Kevin Mayhew 2008)

 – Leaders Book                                           

-   Little Meditation Book (hardback)                                   

-   Little Prayer Book (hardback)                                           

-   Littte Prayer Book for Children            (hardback)                       

-   Personal Log Book for adults and mentors                                                 

-   Personal log Book for children and mentors                                

-   Personal log Book young people and mentors

Tree of Life (Anamcara Books 2020)






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