A Recipe

Geoff stayed at White House. I played squash with him when he was a Youth for Christ director. Since then he founded a Vineyard Church. This church does not spend money on a building for its Sunday worship (though it has a shop-front presence ) - it has invested money in projects in four continents that help bring livelihood and faith to others.

A friend  and I prayed for Scotland in the ruins of the Abbey at Holyrood Palace, the Queen's official home in Scotland. We explored  how churches could arise in Scotland  that are more than 'institutional, attractional or missional' (harping back to the jargon used  in last week's blog).  The kind of thing we prayed for was a 'kingdom of God church' which arises out of everything that is there, but transforms them, and mixes in ingredients that are missing. It is real and hospitable, it works the land and heals the people, sends out evangelists and is earthed in  daily and seasonal rhythms of prayer.

Talking of mixing in ingredients, Maureen sent the following:


Recipe for Christian people
desire to care
food and fellowship
Take any shelter. Make it warm and welcoming.This can be built on over time.
Add a core of wise folk who understand how others tick; gradually add an assortment of people to the mix.
Add trust , acceptance, love, and caring.
Place in a bowl of food and fellowship.
Season with prayer.
Whisk well to allow God to infiltrate the mixture.
Heat slowly with love and the power of the Spirit
This can be shared indefinitely  and each portion (God-willing) will grow.
P.S. know any churches who need this recipe known as "Open Gate magic?


Posted at 00:45am on 14th April 2013
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