Prayer, Bible And Nature Walks Flower In Wales

I visited churches in North Wales. Many chapels and churches are now relics, some possesssed by keyholders who forbid even their priest to enter without their permission. I listen to words of Aberdaron's late poet priest R.S.Thomas on the car CD: '..the tide laps at the Bible; the bell fetches no people to the brittle miracle of the bread ... Religion is over.' (from 'The Moon in Lleyn').

I am welcomed into the new retreat cottage hosted by a fellow Voyager, James Percival, on another shore. Members of the Anglesey Prayer Network (Rhwydwaith Weddi Mon) come for a hot pot. They plan to circle the island in prayer by walking the 120 mile  coastal path with twelve teams each doing a section. As they walk on June 22 they will pray blessings upon its land and communities. These people tell of houses of prayer and revival of pilgrimage.  I make pilgrimage to the main port of Holyhead, and break bread with worshippers at Saint Cybi's church, on the site of that 6th century evangeliser of these parts, which is still encompassed by the walls of the Roman fort. Cybi walked half way across the island, as the crow flies, to meet with his soul friend Seriol, who founded faith communities at Penmon,  at the opposite end of the island, where James made his vows. In the place where they met I prayed for a revival of soul friendship on Ynis Mon (Angelsey).

On my return home I open a letter from St. Teilo's Church, near Abergavenny. They wish to face the challenges of the 21st century. They have turned their church building into a warm and welcoming centre. They have introduced a Riverside Walk around the church that celebrates nature. This has increased visitors. Now they will develop a Wildflower Walk through the Bible. using  stations of a Celtic cross to tell the story of the flower. This will relate to the schools' curriculum and contribute to adult lay training. Would I write a reflection on the Celtic Cross that would be used on their quick response codes (for smart phones I presume)? They ask me to relate the reflection to Acts17: 27-28. The Good News version of this reference to Christ's presence everywhere suggests that people might find Him 'as they felt about for him'. For every untended candle that flickers out, a hundred other senses can awaken.

Posted at 01:30am on 21st April 2013
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