Post Brexit Fractures - Now Heal The Split In The Western Psyche

Visitors to Holy Island from all parts of UK and beyond bring horror stories of post Brexit hatred of foreigners and of unprecedented abuse on trains and in the work place. Even an English woman who works in a Welsh hospital has been calumnied. UK workers from Europe are in tears. A British born citizen with a black skin was shouted at to get out of the country. The campaign to leave the European Union under the slogan ‘Take back control’ and with posters of Middle East hordes trying to get in to UK (which had nothing to do with the EU)) has given permission to the dark forces to come out. Even Hitler had to keep quiet about the Jewish gas chambers yet English football hooligans chanting ‘Gas all Muslims’ were not disciplined. The poor who lack housing, jobs and empowerment feel that all politicians in Europe and UK are out of touch and don’t care: in some cases their vote was a mindless cry of rage and revenge.

A Norwegian group is here. Some of them are deeply concerned lest Europe fractures and returns to conditions that produced two world wars. One of them said ‘Few people in political debates talk about the role of evil’. The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations issues a statement. It points out that voters faced the good aspects and the bad aspects of Remain; and the good aspects and the bad aspects of Leave but were obliged to deny the possibilities of the other three positions. ‘Now, it feels like we are being chased by the uncontrollable spirits of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice of the Denied Three Other Positions – the negative aspects of our chosen option, having to do without the positive aspects of our rejected option, and probably worst of all, being confronted by the negative aspects of our rejected option. To escape this maelstrom of confusion, we look for someone or something to blame and the conflict that the Referendum was meant to relieve, we discover, has opened a Pandora’s box of frightening goblins and trolls. How are we going to put them back in the box? Ushered into a vacuum of uncertainty by those who were trusted to lead the change, have we taken back control from the ominous ‘them’?

What will be our responses? The referendum was only advisory. Three million people have signed a petition requiring that referendums on huge issues should require a two thirds majority. The Scottish devolved Parliament will most likely refuse to sign the legislation that will make Brexit legal. If polls reveal that many Leave voters have changed their minds and believe they were misled it would be possible to hold a general election in which the main parties agreed not to trigger Brexit unless there is a two thirds majority in a future referendum.

The Tavistock Institute intends to build bridges and walk across the chasms with their European partners.

The defeat of England’s hugely expensive football team of talents by tiny Iceland offers a parable. A Norwegian fan suggests that England’s players all want to be the star, they have done no work on their selfish egos, and so they lack good teamwork. Our faith communities, schools and sports teams need to train people in ego recognition and team building.

At the profoundest level we need to heal the 2,000 year split in the western psyche, including its Protestant form. The separation of spirit from body, head from heart, rich from poor, heaven from earth, the saved from the damned, the Creator from the creation, countries from their neighbours has fractured and exhausted western civilization. The recovery of a spirituality of God’s union with all people, modelled through grass roots communities where the rich live alongside the poor, the native alongside the foreigner is our overriding priority. This vision is magnificently set out in the new novel by my friend C. Baxter Kruger which I mentioned in last week's blog. ‘Patmos: Three Days, Two Men, One Conversation’ features a fractured American Christian named Aidan who in a vision spends three days on Patmos Isle with John the Loved Disciple who sees Father and Son and Spirit Face to Face before creation, and being IN us all…Aidan tells John about the history following John’s writing: the church councils, Augustine, Calvin and so on. Read it and you may join the grass-roots revolution that reflects the spirituality of union - Divine Communion on earth as in heaven.

Posted at 09:07am on 29th June 2016
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