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Aidan, App And Africa

Last week I recorded a video with young church leader Aaron Elder and Scott Brennan on Aidan of Lindisfarne, in Lindisfarne's Whitehouse garden. The link is

The following evening we had a meal in the same garden with Pete Greig and his film-maker, who had just completed...

Posted at 10:10am on 6th July 2023

Eco Attacks On Christianity

An article in the July/August edition of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, by Chandran Nair, the Founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, writes of the relationship that many modern and wealthy societies have with Nature, to exploit it, to seek self-gratification through it, and to want to own it ....

Posted at 17:07pm on 30th June 2023

Restorative Justice In Prisons

A prison chaplain contacted me through this web site. He thinks the prison system is rotten in his country. He had heard that the early church in Celtic-speaking lands had a role in administering justice in many tribal communities. What can we learn from them today?

I pointed out...

Posted at 09:22am on 22nd June 2023


My heart, knees and memory have nearly konked out, but my great nephew, Oisin who has a Nigerian mother and an Irish father and who is a rapper sent me this:

'Thank you for jamming with me! 😂Thank God for your youthfulness. “Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when...

Posted at 10:26am on 19th June 2023

Dear Millennials

The internet tells me you suffer from low self esteem: I wish you to know that you are a unique work of divine craftspersonship.

The internet tells me that you are impatient, selfish and intent on self-gratification: I wish to tell you that you are part of the entire human club,...

Posted at 09:15am on 8th June 2023

Wow! Taste And See! Web Site Renovation!

My web site now features:

* Over fifty of my books

* Over sixty downloads of talks and lectures

* Over seventy blogs

* Over four thousand tweets

* A media section with info about You-tubes and podcasts

* Updated info about Lindisfarne facilities and Pilgrimage

* Updated info about me, CAH and the Way of Life...

Posted at 14:34pm on 1st June 2023

The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry

Whenever I walk past Tweed View Care Home in my home town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed I make the sign of the cross. That is because someone I know is dying there.

This morning our curate Tom was missing at 8.30 am prayer: he had gone to minister to someone at Tweed View.


Posted at 17:38pm on 24th May 2023


Today is 'Ascension Day' in the Western Church. Following Jesus' death by crucifixon he spasmodically appeared in a form people could see, hear and touch for forty days. Then, while with close friends in a village, a cloud hid him and he vanished from their physical sight for ever....

Posted at 07:46am on 18th May 2023

A Role For Those In Life Vows

A Long Voyager in life vows drove over one hundred miles to see me today for a spiritual check-up. Over lunch we discussed the role of people in the Community of Aidan and Hilda who take life vows.

Those who have been Voyagers (Seekers in Australia) in First Vows for at...

Posted at 16:36pm on 11th May 2023

Republican, Scouts And Coronation Oaths

Citizens in some republics swear allegiance to their head of state. In UK citizens have been invited to swear allegiance to King Charles 'and his heirs and successors'. This has caused a back-lash - who wants to swear allegiance to a paedo-phile?

The press recently reported that the Brownies are to...

Posted at 09:31am on 4th May 2023
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