Not Left, Not Right But Straight

USA is torn between Democrats who want to impeach the Republican President and Republicans who want to forge ahead in finance and self-reliance.  The UK is torn between people on the Right who want Brexit and people on the Left who want equality. Social media re-inforce people's unconscious prejudices, so that 'free and fair elections' become a thing of the past. Where is Jesus in all this?  

'Not Right, not Left but Straight' is the message of prophets like Isaiah.  Another word for populism is mass narcissism.  'The Way' cuts through this.  It alone is life-giving. It alone lays foundations for a lasting civilisation.  Vote with your feet. Vote for The Way.


Scott Brennan is staying here and making visits to Holy Island.  Last year I lent him my copy of Cindy Wigglesworth's book Spiritual Intelligence. We have reviewed the role of apostolic people who become elders - what is the spiritually intelligent way to maximise this role?  We have identified two or three possible key  courses of action.  These will now be tested out.  Wait for it!


Before that the North East England group of Aidan and Hilda members were offered an end of season free 30 hours at The Open Gate.  We made cloth holding crosses and listened as newcomers shared their life journeys in depth. 


Tomorrow I depart early for a holiday in Madeira where I shall meet up with Andreas Kratzmeier of Norway. He it was who helped us set up and furnish the Open Gate on peanuts within a few weeks, so we hit the ground running and opened in the high season. This just enabled us to pay our rent. 

Posted at 09:55am on 6th December 2019
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