New Year Message

 The Covid pandemic is a wake up call. The raping of the planet has so shrunk its species that ever more viruses now leap into humans who are the last to die. The 2021 UN World Climate Change Summit in Glasgow is a last-chance call to humanity. As it approaches, hundreds of organisations and Government agencies need to step up to the challenge.


But saving the planet out of self-interest will fail to replace economics based on self-interest. We need values beyond self interest. Sadly, monotheist religions, in contrast to First Nations’ spirituality, are widely dismissed as treating creation as if it has no value other than its use to humans. So a deeply-rooted model of Christianity that values it as an expression of the Divine is hugely important.


Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis does just this. (Order it online from The Holy Family was born amid animals: creation marked the death of its Son with an earthquake and solar eclipse. The task of all who see themselves as part of Jesus’ family is to restore this communion with creation. The One whose birth Christmas celebrates calls us to no longer make money our god, but to live in the beauty and simplicity of the wild flowers, to tend the earth with care, as we would a vineyard.


Climate Crisis is the first and longest of the book’s twelve chapters. Each chapter holds out a golden key for our future. Could your New Year resolution be to read it and send a copy to a green campaigner? For, as Colmbanus taught, if we trample the earth, the earth will trample us.


I wish you a Happy New Year.


Ray Simpson.

Posted at 09:40am on 29th December 2020
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