Jersey Festival Of Spirituality

Two planes from Oslo to home. Two planes from home to Jersey. Before the Festival of Spirituality begins I meet in the Chief Minister's room with Senator Paul Routier - the Chief Minister had been called to London at the last minute. We discuss The Council of the isles (British-Irish Council) and its potential for evolution. I learn about its workings, and tell about some common sources of hope and tools of transformation. Could this area of concern be requested as a future agenda item?

The Festival is based at the idyllic and historic St. Brelade's - its hall, Communicare Centre, Fisherman's chapel, St. Aubyn's, the beach and other venues. Perfomance poets, entertainment suppers, the Edinburgh Fringe runaway show 'The God Particle', exhibitions, Teens Exploring Transitions, Healing the Memories, Celtic Evening Prayer.... My contributions are a Friday retreat for clergy and lay leaders on Roots, Saturday seminars on Wisdom, Rhythm and Relationships, and a Sunday sermon on the theme 'When Jesus came to Jersey'. This is available as a download.

A media company films a few people who answer questions. I tell why I am drawn to St. Brelade and to the Fisherman's chapel, and what I thought about when I walked the labyrinth on the nearby beach. When two Cornish Methodists heard about the Festival they volunteered to create a Labyrinth on the beach, near where the annual beach polo event is staged, and where others surf. We were given a piece of seaweed to hold as we thought of what we needed to leave behind in our lives. At the Cross we dedicated ourselves to Total Self-giving Love. On the journey back we pondered what it means for the glory of God to be seen in a life fully alive. The film will play in the church throughout each day while visitors crowd it.

St. Brelades was the first place I visited after becoming Guardian of The Community of Aidan and Hilda. Ups and downs followed. I am praying that some seeds will take root and bear lasting fruit. Now for the last sun bathe and sea swim of this year!

Posted at 09:45am on 20th September 2013
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