Island Visitors, Weddings And Drains

'What is the Community of Aidan and Hilda?' asked a visitor. 'It's a bunch of crooks who've recognised the truth about themselves and ask God to sort things out' I said. Not to be repeated.

'What makes an island wedding?' asked someone else during last Saturday's celebration. 'The Guard of Honour of males who shoot bullets into the air' I said. 'Do you want a shot?' one of the Guard asked me. 'I might hit a person instead of a hat' I replied.

My drains revealed the worst blockage that two drain-repair companies had ever experienced. They took twenty eight hours to dig out a manhole un-used for maybe forty years, a broken pipe, and to ruin my veg patch and pocket. I rang the environmental health people: 'I might have to bill you for this - its a public health hazard' I said. She said 'Then we might have to bill you, Sir'. Thank God for civilisation.

Sister Sally holidayed here for a week. She kindly treated me to a meal at the beautifully renovated Manor House Hotel. There Bishop Michael Marshall and a friend introduced themselves. 'Michael Green and I headed up the Decade of Evangelism' he told us, 'and fewer people went to church at the end of the decade than at the beginning. There must be a better way.' They are now developing contemplation.

Posted at 11:32am on 4th August 2011
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