My Interview With Elon Musk

At the Bletchley Park A.I. summit UK's Prime Minister (who wants the ultra rich like himself to continue to plunder the earth without making compensation) interviewed Elon Musk (who wants to colonise other planets without making compensation).  Mr. Musk says no one will need to work in the future because A.I. will do everything.  So I imagined I interviewed him with questions such as:

1. Will A.I. listen to God?

2. Will A.I. teach humans to re-create fellowship between the creation and the Creator?

3. Will A.I. model selfless, sacrificial service in a human being as has Jesus Christ?

4. Will A.I. distinguish between accountable honesty and deception?

5. Will A.I. know what it means to die in peace and rise in glory?

I am working with a publisher.  I am almost certain they use an A.I. machine to proof read manuscripts. The machine put commas in daft places. I am sure they can iron that out by re-programming the machine.

Then I supplied Scripture references for each chapter: seven psalms, seven Old Testament, and seven New Testament references.  These were so muddled up that I asked the publisher to teach their machine the differencce between Old Testament and New Testament books in the Christian Bible.  Now this, I admit, is an A.I. teething problem, but the five questions above are not a teething problem, they are an existential imperative.

Posted at 09:50am on 3rd November 2023
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