Igniting The Flame - The Course

A year's pilot course finished today with a big thumb's up. It is called 'Igniting the Flame'. It's an introduction to our Way of Life, with it's three Life-giving Principles and Ten Waymarks. Judith Line has shaped it, using her experience of Open University methods. Those who've begun to or might follow the Way of Life, sign up to study this by email. They have a tutor who responds to their assigments, and a soul friend with whom they talk through how they might approach these assigments. Then students and tutors physically gather to share what they have learned, ask questions and chrystallise their next steps. This gathering, at The Open Gate, Lindisfarne, ends today. Everyone feels that the course is 'a runner' and should be offered each year. If you are interested to enrol, email Judith Line

Work is progressing on other e-studies courses. We are short of tutors. If you know of someone who has taught in a college or school and who understands holistic learning, rules of life, and Celtic Christian spirituality who might be willing to be interviewed, please let me know. You can contact either Judith or myself c/o the Community office

Posted at 02:17am on 11th February 2011
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