How Do We Recognise An ‘angel Of Light?’

Someone I last met forty years ago emailed me. ‘Reviewing your book’ (Monk in the Marketplace) brought back many memories.  I attended a pre-Alpha "Saints Alive" course.  Whilst we sat in your house I saw coming from behind your left shoulder a spiritual light.  I must have the gift of eyes to see.  Then something quite extraordinary happened.  You were quite overwhelmed by the spiritual presence and had to stop the lecture.  We were basking in God's light quite literally as if receiving a blessing from heaven. 

The spirit only appears as a gift.... How will I know when an angel of light is the real thing?  Someone once asked St Andrew, I think it was him anyway.  His reply was,  "It will come with fear and trembling to start with but it will always leave you with a sense of peace when it has passed.  If it comes from the other guy, it will leave you feeling depressed.”  I think that that is as good a benchmark or litmus paper as I have ever come across.’

I replied: 'How wonderful  that after all these years you can focus on the sublime priorities.  It seems to me that most of the world’s media is dominated by envy, power and greed.  Strip these away and a furniture of goodness dimly begins to emerge in the backgrund.  During heart problems and Covid I am weak with brain fog, but I also have no appetite for false trails and trivia.  I wait until an inner umph, a divine synchronicity occurs. The angel of dark deceives. The angel of light desires the best for the other person.  The angel of light is in accord with Jesus – gentle and utterly pure and loving.  This angel is all gift – there is no jockeying or bombarding or whining.'

My friend sent me a You Tube of a Sainsbury's advert for Christmas a few years back. Britons and Germans who killed each other in the war had a sublime sense that on Christmas Day they must cease to kill. They sang Silent Night and played football together.  With Ukraine in mind my friend commented: 'The Sainsbury's Christmas advert calls us to a middle ground of wonderment.  What spirit is this that alone has the power to stop a war?  What spirit is this without so much as a missile, cannon, or rifle that can stop a war?  What spirit has the humility to descend to our young men in excessive role-playing situations, such as playing the role of the killer that executes without question?   What is the name of that spirit?  If that spirit descends again, who are we not to have the humility to rise up to meet it?  Do we know it when we hear it?  Do we know that feeling?  Will we further risk our own lives in the name of peace in order to meet with that spirit?  What will we risk and face for the sake of world peace?  Dare we die on a cross uttering those words, and at such point of such physical pain. "Father forgive them, they know not what they do.!"  Surely those words could never have been uttered by a human being!'





Posted at 12:11pm on 6th May 2022
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