Hacked Off

My email was hacked and a thousand people were asked to send money to a non-existent relative.

It was not from me.  I never appeal for money in this way.  Don't give to email appeals. In UK you can reclaim from your bank money you gave to a fraudster.

After two hours on the phone to BT (British Telecom) and an hour in an IT shop we have resolved everything.  I had failed to tell Microsoft that I had changed my mobile phone so they kept sending security codes I never received.


Far more seriously, billions of people feel hacked off throughout the world.  In my country (like other so called 'advanced economies') the percentage of people who  are off work with physical, mental or social ill health has much increased.  This is partly the pandemic, It is partly the loss of true religion, and with that the emotional 'raping' by social media from a young age, which increases the break-down of families and institutions, the pressure on teachers, social workers, doctors, police until no one can cope, there are mass strikes and people say, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah  8:22: 'Is there no balm in our land? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no recovery?'

I believe it is no co-incidence that this breakdown co-incides with the fact that for the first time since records in my country began the percentage of the population who describe themselves as Christian has fallen below 50% and influencers talk of removing Christianity from our institutions.

Without eternal values people drown in their own effluent. School children who want to transition their gender become playthings of social media projections, and lose the practice of uniting with the true, divine image in themselves and others. Without a belief in the sacredness of marriages children who are not aborted are tossed from pillar to post as inconvenient objects of household resentment. Social workers and police give up - the problem is too endemic to handle.

Without the Ten Commandments of God countries get saddled with the ten thousand commandments of bureaucrats, and people give up striving to live well.  Without the divine prohibitions on dishonesty and fraud (stealing) governments become corrupt.  Without 'the expulsive power of a new affection' (e.g. Jesus) kindness, faithfulness and accountable stewardship vanish from our lands.

Thank God that Ethics Advisors have now belatedly  been restored to UK's Westminster Government. Now may Jesus become the supreme influencer among the echo-chambers of mass selfishness.


Posted at 09:51am on 4th February 2023
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