What Is A Guardian?

The last blog brought this response from Maureen - maybe she thinks I'm trying to be God

What is a guardian? One who cares Of others issues As well as theirs Who cares for flocks but lets them be their exclusive individuality No two people are the same Each has a self A gift a name So arms reach out The world to hold Without fear or doubt Within the fold And so with all technology To reach the folk wherever they be So each new person Has their way Life moves on We cannot stay Voyagers travel to places new worldly places Spiritual too, Bound together God's will to do And so this is my heartfelt prayer Gods gifted people will be there Hold us Lord Our Guardian be To journey on By Spirit free That gifts of people May not be missed For Superman does not exist Only mortals brought together Powered by your love WHATEVER

Posted at 12:41pm on 11th February 2010
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