Where Will God Turn Up Next?

Holy Island is dark and deserted in the depth of winter. Only five people turned up to the morning church service. We went up into the sanctuary - the area where all the important God things are - the altar, the Bible, the ikon, the candles, the flowers. While the vicar was praying, I looked down to the back of the church - to the area where none of the God things are, where the brooms are stored and the rubbish is kept. To my amazement it was flooded with bright light. Could some TV crew be preparing for a visit? No. Was it a some light specially fixed up for a children's nativity? No again. What could the explanation be?

Back in the sanctuary a Bible reading came to my ears. It was about God not being born in a big religious centre, but in some back water - a stable in some village. That unlikely place was flooded with light. Angels came. God turned up there. But most people missed it.

Where will God turn up next on planet earth, I thought? The light by our broom cupboard makes me think that God might turn up in a place where the down-turn is making folk feel forgotten - in a down-to-earth corner of the world. Look out. Let me know.

Thanks. Ray.

Posted at 14:05pm on 21st December 2008
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