Gleams In The Night

Amid reams of Christmas news came these gleams in the night. 'I believe that we come to understand our life's meaning and purpose in a number of different ways and different time scales. What I do know is that something resonated with me on Holy Island which rang true to the depths of my soul. I sense that Aidan in 2015 would be encouraging and challenging at the heart of the business world, at the heart of the world's existence. For if the Spirit is not recognised and nurtured in our work, then we lose a profound sense of identity, meaning and purpose...'

Humour is a different kind of gleam: 'Please ring my mum', a friend emailed, 'she's nearly died'. I only got her answerphone. She rang me. 'I was going to die, but then I thought the bedroom was too untidy so here I am' she said.

Then there was the Celtic Cross at Christmas and a bit of redeeming World War 2 history brought alive in a Norfolk church: 'The service was for Hugh Seagrim, the Christian soldier who stayed behind with the Karen people after the British army retreated before the Japanese. At that Church, St Mary's Whissonsett, there is a Celtic cross, which was hidden in the Church yard for hundreds of years and found just before Hugh's family moved to Whissonsett. His father was the rector. In the commemoration service Rev. Robin Stapleford said their Saxon cross, the only one in Norfolk, was installed and found just before Seagrims came to Whissonsett. Saxon/Celtic takes us to Easter through circle, sees circle as “dawning sun”. In Celtic knot work, despite seeing problems, God is weaving a tapestry, a planned purpose in your weird circumstances. Even for Hugh; his story continues to inspire; a tapestry is still being woven.'

The tapestry is still being woven in us by the One who fulfils all that is good.

December 17. Pilgrims walk across Holy Island sands praying in the Advent Expressions of God - Wisdom, Restorer ... God who comes to live among us.

Posted at 03:00am on 10th December 2014
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