From The Tay To The Thames, Iceland And Australia!

Twelve people joined in the Aidan and Hilda Week retreat on Holy Island which ended on Saturday. I slept in the spare room at The Whitehouse.

Scott Brennan has recorded the talks on the Saints from the Tay to the Thames and pasted the link on his Facebook. There were 80 hits the same day!  Pray that we may really break through with 80 million!

Three came from Iceland. One of these had organised the first meeting of European Spiritual Directors in Iceland.  There he met CAH Guardian Penny Warren and booked in for our retreat.

Another came from Australia, and the rest from the UK.

Today USA Guardian Sandi Kerner brings a  USA pilgrim group to Holy Island.  I will talk to them about A Way of Life.

Then a new intern arrives to help me with IT and secretarial matters. I can't wait for it!

My internet broke down as I left for Holy Island.  Sorry if this caused problems.

Aidan and Hilda Week invites all members to take an A - Action for Aidan and Justice at the end of this week.  If you did not do this, why not do it now?



Posted at 13:54pm on 4th September 2022
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