From Holy Island To Norway

A Holy Island  resident went down to the beach. He bumped into a holiday-maker who asked ‘Why did you come to live here?’ ‘My life needed balance’ the resident replied. ‘How do you get that?’ the visitor asked.

 A conversation ensued.  It is a conversation that The Community of Aidan and Hilda continues in varied ways: in its books, prayer rhythms, mentoring and retreats in local centres.

 In March we sponsor a retreat on ‘The Contemplative Activist’ led by David Cole and Scott Brennan.  A Celtic Library Management Group has been formed to make our library – which includes books on balance - a better facility.

 During Covid we have missed our Norwegian friends’ visits to the island at the end of St. Cuthbert’s Way pilgrimages. To make up for this, as I write Graham Booth and I are due to fly to Wolfs Island in Norway when I hope to give talks on Balance and the Beatitudes.  This is high risk. I had a heart attack in May, and  recently, while with a group of locals walking the monks’ trail at OId Melrose, the original site of the monastery and cell of Saint Cuthbert, I was rushed to Melrose hospital with another attack. Someone thought I was departing this life and sang over me.  So I hope this ’Bucket List’ visit will mark a restoration of the Melrose-Lindisfarne fellowship.

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Posted at 22:14pm on 22nd September 2021
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