Fresh Expressions Dvd

1.authentic(?), Glasgow (Starting from scratch) 2.Boring Wells, Belfast (Becoming mission-shaped people) 3.CCM Gorton, Manchester (Serving people from around the world) 4.Church for the Night, Bournemouth (Being church in clubland) 5.CoffeeCraft, Clee Hill (Creating mission in the countryside) 6.Colin Brown, Falmouth (Establishing a fresh expression for artists) 7.Divine Divas, Tadcaster (Building church around relationships) 8.Exeter Network Church, Exeter (Discovering natural networks) 9.Grafted, Newcastleton (Making disciples and creating leaders) 10.Harvest New Anglican Church, Thanet (Reaching diverse networks of people) 11.King's Cross Church, London (Planting church in a developing area) 12.Monks Road Threshold, Lincoln (Creating church in an area of deprivation), Romford (Growing a new generation of leaders) 14.Reconnect, Poole (Building community and recreating church) 15.safespace, Telford (Drawing on the wisdom of monastics) 16.St George's, Deal (Growing church but staying fluid) 17.Sanctus1 and Nexus, Manchester (Taking the next step) 18.StreetSpace, Chard (Taking youth culture seriously) 19.Streetwise, Sheffield (Helping the marginalised) 20.The Beacon, Dartford (Forming church in a new housing area) 21.The Lounge at Costa, Woodbridge (Engaging seekers in a market town) 22.The Ruth Project, Stanley (Working where conventional church struggles) 23.The Sunday Sanctuary, Portsmouth (Growing community through hospitality) 24.The Wesley Playhouse, Howden Clough (Using buildings and exercising faith) 25.3.08@Kingshill, Nailsea (Learning from mistakes) 26.Tubestation, Polzeath (Moving from community to discipleship) 27.Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries, Wolverhampton (Growing church with young adults) 28.Zac's Place, Swansea (Establishing church on the edge)

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Peter and Cath Atkins are here. They seek more than a Fresh Expression of existing church. They discuss whether a people's monastery or a village of God might emerge where they are. Today our new vicar, Paul Collins, said 'Many people in the church under-estimate the degree to which the old order is dying. New patterns are replacing the old. Pilgrim places such as Lindisfarne make it clear that spirituality is not dying.' Fresh expressions of church in the form of small groups subsidised by the old parent body are not enough, though they are welcome. Nothing less than villages of God will be an adequate response to the changing patterns.

Posted at 21:50pm on 22nd June 2011
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