A Forge For Character Formation

Guri is a Norwegian missionary in Mali. She took her First Vows here before she returned. A fellow pilgrim learned that Saint Columba asked God for three gifts. 'I ask God for awareness, love and order', this pastor told me, 'can you advise me how I may develop these?' He told me that the Christian renewal movement, Korsvei, whose annual gathering I spoke at two years ago, has now started an Order which invites people to commit to four practices.

Three delightful Dutch Bible College students have chosen to stay here for their summer assignment - which is to understand Celtic Christian spirituality and lessons for leaders today. They do video interviews with us. By good timing, Scott, the apostolic founder of churches such as Lightouse, Musselbough, is also here. So they talk about the place of the Holy Spirit, intuition, villages of God, the Trinity, saints, indigenous/incarnational styles, personal growth... and so much else.

I have a new Personal Assistant. Brenda comes for 8 hours each week. We have cleared out the garden hut to create her an office. Rejoice with us.

Posted at 03:25am on 30th June 2010
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