A Is For Aidan: A Is For Action For Justice

A is for Saint Aidan's Day, August 31. A is for Apostle to English-speakers. A is for Archetype of indigenous sharing of Christ's ways.

A is for Action for Justice - which members of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda are prompted to take on this day. Some donate to a charity or a food bank; others join a protest; others befriend a person who is ostracised or in extremity.

A is for Abolition of slave labour.  No, Aidan did not ablish first millennium slavery, but he went to slave market, bought slaves their freedom, and offered them the dignity of work or study.   As we remove statues to wealthy racist philanthropists who gained their wealth as owners of slave plantations, let us replace them with statues of Aidan, Wilberforce and Black inspirers,

A is for Aidan andHilda Week, August 25-31, since Aidan's co-inspirer of the English, Hilda of Whitby was enshrined at York on August 25.

A is for the Aidan anad Hilda Week zoom retreat sessions at 10.30 and 4.00 GMT each day from August 31 to September 3 (10.30 am finish) - exploring Aidan and twelve other saints from the rivers Tay to Humber who welded sacred bonds between four warring races, and who can teach us how to transcend the new, rising deadly nationalisms of today.  To make a last-minute booking email me at revd.ray.simpson@btinternet.com.  Recommended reading includes Aidan of Lindisfarne: Irish Flame warms a new world published by Wipf and Stock.

When you respond to this blog you became an A for Alpha person.  Amen!


Posted at 11:13am on 30th August 2020
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