The Fifth Day Of Christmas - A Family For Everyone

On 30 December churches focus on ?the holy family? and on the value of family life.

Who is Jesus? family? It begins, certainly, with Mary, Joseph and Jesus in that stable. The Gospels later tell of other brothers and sisters ? or cousins. The New Testament describes James as ?the brother of the Lord?. Best-sellers such as The Da Vinci Code and The Grail fantasise that the blood line of descendants of Jesus? family can be traced. These books are fiction. When their pseudo research is investigated it leads nowhere.

Yet Jesus? DNA did seep into the human gene pool. Therefore every human on earth in this sense is related to Him. There is a deeper, more important, more spiritual reality even than this. Jesus bequeathed his beloved friend John to the foster care of his mother; thereby John became, in the early and in the Celtic understanding, the foster brother of Jesus. John and Mary were foster mother and foster brother of Jesus? first spiritual family (the men and women who accompanied him in life, death and resurrection).

In churches the world over Mary and John stand each side of an altar, with hands stretched out as if to welcome us into Jesus' timeless family. This is an eternal truth. We can be part of the holy family.

Posted at 23:52pm on 29th December 2007
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