Eco Attacks On Christianity

An article in the July/August edition of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, by Chandran Nair, the Founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow, writes of the relationship that many modern and wealthy societies have with Nature, to exploit it, to seek self-gratification through it, and to want to own it . He states ‘(this) is a contradiction that is steeped in outmoded ways of seeing the world… Many factors have contributed to this status quo. Most obviously the rise of capitalism, but also, historically the … historic Judaeo-Christian rationalisation of creating dominion over Nature as per certain (but not all) religious thought: “Go forth and multiply”…’  I sent this reply:

'Chandran Nair misses the fact that there is an ancient and alternative Judaeo-Christian teaching.  Bees, seeds and creatures ‘go forth and multiply’ as well as humans – are they capitalists?  The Bible urges humans to tend the planet out of a sense of service, not power. Prophets and Jesus call us to learn to create communion between humans and other creatures.  The Books of Moses promote a basis for a society based on ‘the sabbath principle’ where ‘enough is enough’.  The Gospels tell how when the Creator was killed on a Cross ‘all creation wept’ (The Dream of the Rood, reflecting the Gospels account of the earth quaking and the sun eclipsing).

We cannot redeem the eco-destruction of mass selfishness without a true understanding of Christianity and its power to change us.'

Ray Simpson

Posted at 17:07pm on 30th June 2023
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