Donkeys Make A Come-back. Why?

A UK report says Palm Sunday open air processions with donkeys are increasing, and churches can't get enough of these lowly creatures.  Why might this be? I can think of three reasons:

1) Attendance at Easter services is hit by the mass exodus to holiday destinations. Local church communities are still together on Palm Sunday.

2) People are tired of artifical, packaged church services. They want to relax with God in his creation. Donkeys are not artificial or packaged. They disarm us.

3)  People are tired of Christianity being too book-focussed. Today's generation wants to see and touch as well as hear. You see, touch and hear a donkey!

Churches Together on Holy Island could not get a donkey, but we went on a procession from  St. Aidan's to the Gospel Garden to St Cuthbert's to St Mary's. There this prayer from India was read:

Jesus, King of the universe

ride on in humble majesty

ride on through conflict and debate

ride on through sweaty prayer and betrayal of friends

ride on through mockery and unjust condemnation

ride on through cruel suffering and ignoble death

ride on to the empty tomb and your rising in triumph

ride on to raise up your church, a new body for your service

ride on, King Jesus, to renew the whole earth in your image.

Posted at 09:54am on 5th April 2012
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