Dear Muslim Friends

We are brothers and sisters. We submit to God’s will. We are all Children of Abraham and People of the Book.

We work for the world to become a commmunity of justice and mercy which we call Ummah or the Kingdom of God.

We believe in one God and abhor idolatry. We make pilgrimage and give alms.

We honour Jesus as a prophet, born of the Virgin Mary, the Messiah promised to the Jews, the only human being never to have sinned, who will return to us all as the prophet of the resurrection.

I repent that many Christians have ceased to pray daily in the rhythms of the sun as they did at first, but I am part of a growing movement of Christians who restore this practice as part of a way of life.

I am sorry that godless power politics has at times shaped the church, as it has all religions, and that western Christians have often split God, religion and life into separate compartments.

A vital question for us all is ‘What is the nature of the God we serve?’ To our joy we have found that God is not monochrome: the heart of God is Relationship, an eternal communing of Loves. The All-Compassionate One wants to rule, not through imposed regulation but through embraced love. Jesus has come among us to express this and lead us into the Divine Communion.

Jesus forbade his apostle to take up the sword and refused to defeat his killers by military means. That is why one of the Christian names of God is the Lamb – a symbol of Defenceless Love. This seems weakness to short-term empire builders but ultimately it is the greatest power. Here is a model for us: God in vulnerability, Unity in Diversity, transformation of all.

Why not ask Jesus, who said ‘Before Abraham was born I am…’ (John 8:58), to tell you more about himself?

Your brother and fellow learner for life


Posted at 08:59am on 21st February 2014
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