Dear Millennials

The internet tells me you suffer from low self esteem: I wish you to know that you are a unique work of divine craftspersonship.

The internet tells me that you are impatient, selfish and intent on self-gratification: I wish to tell you that you are part of the entire human club, but that you can journey into the other half – patient, caring and selfless. True, there is no instant App for this, you have to start climbing a mountain, but love, joy, skill-sets and fulfilment await you.

The internet tells me that you never find fulfilment and are always restless. A famous saint said ‘I never cease to strive until I find my rest in You’ – but this Rest is not laziness or absence  of life – it is like the source of a river, a deep well, a mine of treasures that speeds you to the surface and back down again.

The internet tells me that you care more for short-term gain than for the well-being of the environment; you charge your phones in the living room and trample the earth.

Well, most of the human race has been like that for millennia.  You, however, have a once-in-a-millennium chance to be different.  Big changes are made up of many little changes. You could have a break-down and find it becomes a break-through.  You could acquire wisdom as you grow older. You could re-define ‘short-term gain’, and apply this to the acquiring of another seam of friendship, or knowledge, or skill or investment so that you build up ‘interest’ in the eternal bank.

OK, you might be branded as 'millennials', but all millennia are named as before or after Christ (BC = Before Christ CE = Christian Era etc).  So if you want long-term relevance, follow Christ's Way.

You are at a cross roads. Take 'the road less travelled' and discover undreamed of possibilities.

Best wishses,


Let me know what you disagree with, what your better alternative is, or which of these pointers you have experimented with.  You never know…

One day you will know as you are known.


Millennial: Don't tell me what I must believe. Allow me to find out facts. I seek authenticity.

Ray Can we walk the way of authenticity together?

Millennial: Maybe its worth a try finding out ways people have chosen.

Posted at 09:15am on 8th June 2023
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